Monday, July 12, 2004

Thoughts from Fingers - Locals...

Sometimes, just sometimes, we get a bit of spare time in the shop and we like nothing better than sitting on the bench outside and people watching.

Being Brighton, there's more than our fair share of eccentrics and sights to see. You get the usual mix of Goths, Crusties, G's, Gays, Straights, Skeemo's the list is endless, but when you've been here 8 years these are nothing. Not compared to this little lot.

First up is one of my favourites, Pants Man. This fella is about 4'9 tall, if that, and sports a fetching ginger wig that brushes down over one eye - the trouble being, it's about 2 sizes too big for him! His name comes from the fact that he'll tuck all his top garments into his pants (white) that are always 4/5" above the waistline of his slacks!

Next up is Velour Man. Now this bloke has actually bought 2 Stussy rings from us and will regularly come in and check out his outrageous outfits in our full length mirror! V.M. gets his name because he sports Velour non stop. At least 1 part of his outfit will be made of the stuff. He must have a size 22" waist and about the same length beard making him look like a collision between Pirates of the Carribean and the George Clinton's wardrobe!

Last but not least is the Spandex Alien. If you can imagine a grown man, completely encased in either lime green or silver spandex, head to toe, with just a little mouth hole and mesh eyes walking down the street with the odd feather or 2 stuck to him then you'll realise why he's called what he's called!

Hope I haven't put you off visiting the store, but sometimes I wonder if you're safer ordering off our website!


P.S. If and when we can, we'll try and get some pics of these people, but Hey! why not send us your favourite ones too!!!
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