Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The blog has moved

What with all the new features on the blog we have kinda outgrown the space here. Please click on the link below to check out our new blog.

The new address is

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Part 3 in a series of Exclusive Corky Burger Moog Voyager Ring Tones

If you have a phone that can play MP3 ringtones or if you wanna spruce up your computer's boring system sounds, you are in for a treat.

This is the third in a series of weekly sounds designed by our very own Synth freak 'Corky Burger'. When he's not tweaking the antenae on his Moog Theremin, he's jangling the keys and twidling the knobs on his Moog Voyager.

the ONE 40 FIVE store crew are often invited around to Corky's place for a jam session, and things get really jazzed!!

To download either (mac) control click or (pc) right click on the link below and save to your drive.

Sound 3 - The unknowns

Right Click here to download

Monday, October 18, 2004

Moog On Up - with Corky Burger

We caught up with the co-host of The One 40 Five Show on a rest day when he likes nothing better than to dust off the Space Suit, pull on the Cowies and go Synth Surfing across the solar system like a Galactic High Plains Drifter - Take a look for yourself...

Oh, hello! What have we got here then? - None other than the 'Space Cowboy' himself, Corky Burger!
We've caught him playing with his Theramin, he doesn't look too happy!
Ooh no, wait a minute, he's taken off his jacket... ...and says we can join him. Hurrah!
Woo! Another Moog ringtone created for you lucky bloggers!

Space Suit supplied by Silas, Space Jacket by Perks and Mini. More of their 'stuff' can be found on our website ∞∞>

Friday, October 15, 2004

Keep checking Being Hunted for a very special comp

We've got together with our friends at Being Hunted to offer you all the chance to win a very special prize.

Keep checking back to find out how you can win win WIN

Being Hunted

We are proud to present...

In association with Totally Radio a brand new series of The One 40 Five Show. Presented by Corky Burger and Eddie B (The Housewife's Choice) expect a mixture of Hip Hop, Funk, 80's Soul and whatever falls into their hands and sounds interesting! Go check it out.

Corky 'You should see my Theramin' Burger

Eddie 'Smooth Operator' B.

The Shop ∞∞>

It's NOT Friday!


We are willing to buck the trend of centuries to rename this day in honour of the most baddest, wickedest, don't give a damnest dresser. This man kills it everytime and his wardrobe is growing...Give it up for Jamesday!

This is James' "Rock Star" outfit.

James - even though he doesn't himself - recommends buying clothes from our website >>>

Can I See What You're Trying On?

It's ok, we don't ask everyone that comes into our shop to let us have a look at them while they are in the changing rooms, only good friends!

George is a good friend and she was trying on a brand new Silas Snails jumper and looks very good in it too.

Ch, ch, check it out, or get the Stores address if you wanna visit at our website >>>

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Loadsa new stuff on the site and in store

Silas, One True Saxon, Quiet Life and more.

tonite 'normal' t-shirt DESIGNED BY FERGADELIC

"Normal service resumes soon"

Buy it here.

LIMITED EDITION Silas 'li'l fucker' t-shirt

T-shirt with Parental Advisory cartoon print of 3 little chums talking to each other. Wanna know what they say?
OK..."Hey Silas, my Dad says you're a snot nosed little punk" To which he replies..."He's right and I'll fuck him and kill you to prove it"

The things kids say!!!

Buy it here.

New Silas Knitwear available online

Check out all the new Silas Knitwear here.

Spot the odd member of staff out...

All these idjuts bring you this website >>>

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

According to the BBC Rap Celebrates 25th anniversary

A musical landscape without rap is inconceivable in the 21st Century - yet the first rap record did not land on the US chart until the 13th of October 1979.

More from BBC NEWS

Don't You Know That It's Different For Girls?

The ladies section of the store is bursting at the seams with new products. Birdie, Silas, P.A.M (Perks and Mini), Ladysoul, Stussy, Zakee Shariff, Tonite, Spiewak, all have delivered Womenswear and we thought we'd show you just a little amount that has arrived and what they look like on...

The One 40 Five Store website, including contact details, store opening hours and on-line shopping

First picture of Eddie Birch in the studio

Just before his first spoken link on the forthcoming, all new, One 40 Five Show.

Coming on Friday

James our man about town...

Coming to this Blog on Friday...

This is a sneak preview of his outfit...

Check out for his Baaaaaaad (meaning good) style only on the One 40 Five Store Blog on Friday...

Our other website πππ>

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Music Merry-Go-Round

Welcome to another Music Merry-Go-Roundround. I've changed the title from Scratchy Muffin's Music Merry-Go-Round to the above title not 'cos I've got the sack or owt but because we really are all pretty musical here at The Store. Both me and Mel are DJs, Eddie Bizzle has been known to spin a soul set or two and co-presents The One 40 Five Show with Corky Burger on Totally Radio (check out for a link here soon).
Everyone else just really loves their music so I thought it was a bit unfair to have my name in the title when we all like to ride the 'MGR' at the shop. S.M.

What we are listening to in store at the moment...
DE LA SOUL "THE GRIND DATE" Sanctuary Records

WHAT'S ON IN BRIGHTON...Quite a few things actually.

We mentioned this last week so you had more than 1 day to get your 'arris in gear for tickets.
The full line-up goea as follows...Breakestra,Ty, Killa Kella, Spitkingdom, Mc Trip, DJ Skelektrik, Mr. Thing, Yungun, Devise, Newborn, Daps, Fidel Cutstro and Koaste.

GRAVY...The Jazz Place, Ship Street.
Raw Funk and Dirty Jazz are the order of the day (or night!) with the residents Roo and Hugo T. Mendez joined tonight by Memphix - Dante Carfagna (Quannum DJ), Chase One and Grand Slam DJs. It's a Funk 45 Tour!

SLEEZY BLUE...The Joint, West Street.
Hip Hop, Funk 'n' boogie with Nimmo, Tonic Nonsense and Jem.357 celebrating 3 years of doing the do. Really good fun - seriously!

PHONIC HOOP...The Enigma, Ship Street.
As they say, Jazzbreakshiphopsoulfunkbeatsounds with Jazzanova (JCR) and Robert Luis

Ninja Tune/Solid Steel special with DK, Fink, Jonny Reggae and Carl Faure mixing it all up in a cocktail blender for ya!

NEVILLE STAPLE...Concorde 2, Madiera Drive.
The Ska/2Tone/Specials/Fun Boy 3 legend is bringing his band for a show of new and classic material to Brighton - Bernie Rhodes knows, Don't argue!

Well that was a long ride on the Merry-Go-Round. Feeling a bit queasy now so I better get off for this week. Have a good time wherever you go, all the best.

Go to our website if ya wanna get some fresh gear to wear on a night out >>>

Monday, October 11, 2004

Part 2 in a new series of Exclusive Corky Burger Moog Voyager Ring Tones

If you have a phone that can play MP3 ringtones or if you wanna spruce up your computer's boring system sounds, you are in for a treat.

This is the second in a series of weekly sounds designed by our very own Synth freak 'Corky Burger'. When he's not tweaking the antenae on his Moog Theremin, he's jangling the keys and twidling the knobs on his Moog Voyager.

the ONE 40 FIVE store crew are often invited around to Corky's place for a jam session, and things get really jazzed!!

To download either (mac) control click or (pc) right click on the link below and save to your drive.

Sound 2 - Chitter Chatter

When Corky gets lonely he is visited by his imaginary friend. They discuss a
wide variety of subjects, but time and time again the conversation returns
to their age old favourite, the power of sound. Harnessing that power, Corky
has now given voice to his 'special' companion.
Right Click here to download

Breaking news...

By our roving reporter Juan Forte-Phife

News just in is that respected designer James Jarvis has been attacked in what could possibly be the worlds first toy design backlash.

Jarvis,(pictured) has recently been lauded amongst those 'in the know' for his vinyl figure sets that are manufactured by toy brand Amos, including the 'In-crowd' series.

It is this such series that has landed him in trouble.

For the next batch, the 40 year old has used as his inspiration some of the 'Bling/Chav Generation' and called them the 'Young Ruffians'. Pictures leaked onto the streets have fallen into the hands of the said same inspirational group and fallen foul of their humour.

More worryingly, the eyes of a notorious gang of teenage girls calling themselves "The Duke Crew" - after their favourite jeweller - scanned across the images and have ever since been on the lookout for the talented Mr. Jarvis. This week they found him.

When we caught up with the crew's leader Treena she was unrepentent. "Look, right, we aint done nothing to this Raas Clart and here he goes and takes the piss out of me and me Bredren innit an' we gwan whipped his batty face."

Mr Jarvis could not be found for comment last night and is rumoured to be looking for a safe house away from any Funfares or Burberry outlets.

The Duke Crew "We gwan whipped his Batty face."

Amos figures can be found on our website≈≈≈

Some of the hottest walls around...

Aroe (N.T.) and Stika (B.S)
Rat (N.T)
Aroe (N.T)

***A new regular addition to the Blog spot***
Every week we're going to feature on the Blog some of the best pieces of graf in the Halls of Fame that are dotted around Brighton. A few are done by staff member Stika86 (Bulldogs) and the rest are ones he has spotted, but I think you'll agree that all are pretty darn good.

All Brighton Graf∞∞>
Our mates at the Rarekind Gallery∞∞>
International graffiti magazine∞∞>

***PLUS*** Keep your eyes open for the soon-come "TERRORFABULOUS" graf DVD too which promises to be HEAVY

Our site∞∞>

Friday, October 08, 2004

Van's launch UK website

Vans UK makes history again and has set a precedent for others to merely follow… From Friday 8th October, Vans is the first core footwear brand to launch a UK specific website.

Check the hot new vans website out here.

And buy the exclusive Vault range in store and online at the ONE 40 FIVE store.

Exclusive interview...sort of.

Well ok it's not so much an interview but a slight paddle in the vast pond that is the mindset of one of fashion's conundrums...Silas and Maria

Oh look, we got on the nerves of Russell Waterman enough for him to supply us with a list of fitting accompaniments to that great Middle-age alcoholic beverage - Port...


Port and Mature Cheddar Cheese
Port and Beer
Port and Weed
Port and Red Bull Pills
Port and Hawkwind

now fuck off!!!

Er...thank you very much Mr. Waterman, we look forward to maybe a little soiree round your gaff then?


Silas and Maria garments can be purchased online at our website•••

Yummy Yummy - these did actually go into my tummy!

Die-in-a-mo Kiev!

2 freshly baked chicken kievs between 2 slices of bread, dressed with mayo and tomato sauce. Eat it Mo!

Feel free to send any 'exotic' recipes that you have and I'll try em out (put Chez Fingers in the subject line!) via the links on our web sizzle my mizzle

Never Never Land 25pc kubrick set IN STOCK

These are very limited. How many lives does a cat have, cos that's how many we've got. You snooze you lose......

And they will be available in our toy department today.

Guess who's back in the Shagglefragging house!

Hell Yeah!

James rocks it again. Manga t-shirt, silky 'Showaddywaddy' jacket, big gloves and flared jeans with an almost 'Liz Hurley' safety pin effect down both legs. Put all this together with various pendants and you got the look...You know he kills it and we love him for it.

The website >>>

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Silazine in Store NOW

Silas and Maria

Would you look at the do on that!!!

"And how would Madam like her hair today?"
"Shaved at the front please Marcelle, over the top, down the sides, don't touch the back, don't you dare touch the back, except maybe a little bit of crimping."

Not available on our

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Josh's 4 'S' guide to Street Justice Chic...

We're really a friendly store with approachable staff. But when there's any trouble about we wind him up and let him go, and when Street Justice looks this good, who can blame us?

The 4 S's: Stussy, Spiewak, Stacks and Saxon.

Check the website for more details