Monday, October 11, 2004

Breaking news...

By our roving reporter Juan Forte-Phife

News just in is that respected designer James Jarvis has been attacked in what could possibly be the worlds first toy design backlash.

Jarvis,(pictured) has recently been lauded amongst those 'in the know' for his vinyl figure sets that are manufactured by toy brand Amos, including the 'In-crowd' series.

It is this such series that has landed him in trouble.

For the next batch, the 40 year old has used as his inspiration some of the 'Bling/Chav Generation' and called them the 'Young Ruffians'. Pictures leaked onto the streets have fallen into the hands of the said same inspirational group and fallen foul of their humour.

More worryingly, the eyes of a notorious gang of teenage girls calling themselves "The Duke Crew" - after their favourite jeweller - scanned across the images and have ever since been on the lookout for the talented Mr. Jarvis. This week they found him.

When we caught up with the crew's leader Treena she was unrepentent. "Look, right, we aint done nothing to this Raas Clart and here he goes and takes the piss out of me and me Bredren innit an' we gwan whipped his batty face."

Mr Jarvis could not be found for comment last night and is rumoured to be looking for a safe house away from any Funfares or Burberry outlets.

The Duke Crew "We gwan whipped his Batty face."

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