Monday, October 18, 2004

Moog On Up - with Corky Burger

We caught up with the co-host of The One 40 Five Show on a rest day when he likes nothing better than to dust off the Space Suit, pull on the Cowies and go Synth Surfing across the solar system like a Galactic High Plains Drifter - Take a look for yourself...

Oh, hello! What have we got here then? - None other than the 'Space Cowboy' himself, Corky Burger!
We've caught him playing with his Theramin, he doesn't look too happy!
Ooh no, wait a minute, he's taken off his jacket... ...and says we can join him. Hurrah!
Woo! Another Moog ringtone created for you lucky bloggers!

Space Suit supplied by Silas, Space Jacket by Perks and Mini. More of their 'stuff' can be found on our website ∞∞>


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